пятница, ноября 25, 2005

Tajik migrant worker selling fruit

A long reportage about a tajik woman selling fruit close to Belorusky Vokzal (a main train station).


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Raffi Aftandelian комментирует...

Thank you for your kind words.
I have listed your Moscow blog and will be happy to later list the dushanbe one. I was there a few years back. I really liked it especially because I speak farsi, lived in iran when I was a child.

Maybe your blog will inspire people to learn Swedish!

Your pictures are delightful. I don't usually have the gall to ask people for permission to take a picture and don't feel comfortable taking fotos without permission. Curious how you do it. The fotos really convey well what life here feels like.

Don't know what to do about the slow loading...

I know that in Swedish you write "Bästa hälsningar" at the end of letters. When I first saw it, I thought it meant this:

"nu har jag pratat länge nog" So, now I sign off my emails to Swedes this way!

nu har jag pratat länge nog,

Erik Petersson комментирует...

Dear Raffi, Dushanbe is a lovely town, very quiet, interesting. Quite a change after Moscow.

Thank you for your compliments!
Sometimes I ask people, sometimes I just press the shutter and keep walking. Only twice I have had problems, when I shot official buildings in Moscow and the police saw me.

Even your Swedish is already quite good. I dont know any Tajik yet, and I doubt if I will, as Russian seems to be enough of a challenge.

I will keep following your blog. Most blogs about Russia are full of politics, there are few like yours.