воскресенье, мая 10, 2009

I have a new blog

Dear all,

thank you for visiting my blog. However, I will no longer update it. If you like my pictures, please follow my new photo blog at erikpetersson.livejournal.com

best regards
Erik Petersson

воскресенье, ноября 11, 2007

понедельник, октября 01, 2007

Yahgnob valley

I am afraid that the last scanning was not too good. The negative should be sharp, but the scan is not really. Anyway, this is from Yaghnob valley, where I hiked with a couple of friends.

четверг, августа 30, 2007

An Ancient Sport and Art

Centralasianow.org has published a some of my photos of buzkashi under the heading "An Ancient Sport and Art". Please have a look at:

воскресенье, августа 26, 2007

воскресенье, августа 12, 2007

At the top of the Anzob pass

A lorry driver trying to get a signal from the top of the Anzob pass.

пятница, августа 10, 2007

The landscape

I am always never happy with my landscape photos. I will not even post a photo of Iskanderkul. This a bit further away in the mountains, at alplager Vertikal.

четверг, августа 09, 2007

A trip to Iskanderkul

At the gas station. To the right, our driver Valerij.

четверг, июля 26, 2007

понедельник, июля 23, 2007